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SONARtrac Flow Monitoring System

CIDRA’s patented passive sonar, non-contact technology provides dual measurement capability of the volumetric flow and air content (gas void fraction (GVF) in slurries and liquids. This unique combination finally enables true phase fraction management leading to unprecedented improvement in process efficiencies and operations. Whether used to correct total volumetric flow in bubbly flows, correcting the measurement error in density meters for a more accurate mass balance or for detecting the cause of process flow upsets, SONARtrac PFM delivers both top and bottom line value for thousands of customers around the world.

CYCLONEtrac Particle Size Tracking System (PST)

The CYCLONEtrac Particle Size Tracking (PST) system is a novel system that provides real-time feedback of grind circuit and individual hydrocyclone performance. The technology’s value lies in its ability to track the particle size of the entire overflow stream from a hydrocyclone battery based on the contribution from each individual hydrocyclone. This enables real-time closed-circuit grind control strategies targeting improved mineral recovery, increased grind efficiency, while maintaining or increasing plant throughput.

Ultimo Non-Nuclear Density Meter

The Ultimo Density Meter is non-invasive and ideally suited for any type of material used in continuous processing. It is unaffected by temperature, pressure, flow rate and the very nature of the material to be measured. It is equally effective for homogeneous and heterogeneous materials whether they are loose solids, liquids or slurries.


Felix Projects offer consulting with reliable instrumentation to ensure optimum plant operation.

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Combining the CYCLONEtrac, SONARtrac and Ultimo Non-Nuclear Density Products, provides peace of mind for operators and process control.


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